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Guide to import Coffee into the U.S.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Coffee is one of the popularly consumed beverages in the United States. Millions of people routinely start their morning with a cup of coffee. The United States ranked the top importer country of coffee import with an estimate of $5.84 billion in the year 2019. The 4-digit Harmonized Tariff System code for code is 0901 for coffee whether or not roasted or decaffeinated and HS code (2101) for instant coffee.

There is no restriction on importing tea into the USA, however, they need FDA approval before entering into the USA for commerce. Imports of coffee are subject to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review and determine if the products are admissible or not.

Requirements for importing Coffee into the U.S.

  1. FDA registration of food facilities – Owner, operators, or agents in charge of a foreign facility that manufacture/process or packaging is required to register the facility with the FDA. Customs brokers may help their customers to apply for FDA registration of food facilities if needed.

  2. Commercial invoice and packing list – Detailed description of the commodity, quantities, and values.

  3. Bill of lading – shipping document issued by the carrier to the shipper contain shipping details.

  4. Labeling – The product labeling should state Ingredients, Net Weight, Gross Weight, Content, country of origin, and other details.

  5. ISF filing – If product shipping by sea, ISF filing must be filed no later than 24 hours prior to departure from the last foreign port to the U.S.

  6. Certificate of Origin – A Certificate of Origin is required if the shipment is qualified for a trade agreement between the origin country and the U.S.

Top Importer countries of Coffee in 2019

United States – $5.84 billion

Germany – $3.1 billion

France – $2.73 billion

Italy – $1.62 billion

Japan – $1.28 billion

Top exporter countries of Coffee in 2019

Brazil – $4.58 billion

Switzerland – $2.51 billion

Germany – $2.42 billion

Colombia - $2.36 billion

Vietnam – $2.22 billion

Is there a tariff duty to import Coffee?

No, Coffee is duty-free. However, customs collect MPF and HMF. The Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) for formal entries is an ad valorem fee of 0.3464 percent. The fee is based on the value of the merchandise being imported, not including duty, freight, and insurance charges. The maximum amount of the fee shall not exceed $528.33 and shall not be less than $27.23 For example if .3464 percent of the amount of your merchandise is greater than the maximum amount of $528.33, the importer is only required to pay the maximum amount of $528.33.

Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) is collected by CBP. HMF is .125 percent of the value of the commercial cargo shipped through identified ports. HMF is not collected on cargo imported or transported via air or mailed. However, goods that are shipped are subject to both MPF and HMF.

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